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Program Overview

With 35 POSITIVE COVERAGE POLICIES covering 125 MILLION MEMBERS in the United States, a growing number of patients and physicians have access to innovative Inspire Therapy.

Inspire Medical Systems provides resources to assist with coding, coverage and reimbursement for inspire therapy both pre-implant and post-implant.


Most sleep apnea patients who meet eligibility requirements for Inspire have access to insurance coverage.

Click here to view the Payer list of over 160 million lives covered by health plans supporting Inspire therapy.*

For other payers that consider Inspire “experimental and investigational”, prior authorization may be denied at first request. Most commercial health plans have a method by which denials can be appealed through a process documented in the plan’s Provider Manual. The Inspire Prior Authorization Program can assist you with this process.

For more information, please call the Prior Authorization Hotline: 1-844-515-6182 or email: [email protected]

*As of 7/15/2019


For questions or support with coding, billing, payer coverage and denied claims, contact the Inspire Reimbursement Hotline.


[email protected]