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Inspire SleepSync™
Patient Management Platform

Bringing ease and efficiency to Inspire®
therapy patient management

What is the Inspire SleepSync Patient Management Platform?

The Inspire SleepSync platform is a connected patient management system designed to improve the Inspire therapy experience for patients and providers. Consisting of the bluetooth-enabled Inspire remote, the Inspire® app, and the SleepSync web portal, the Inspire SleepSync platform enables wireless and automatic Inspire® implant monitoring, efficient care coordination, and dynamic patient engagement.

Inspire SleepSync Platform training

Explore the videos and guides below to learn how to use the Inspire SleepSync platform and familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

Navigation (02:19)

The Inspire SleepSync platform is a web-based portal that collects patient usage data from the Inspire® app and makes it available to providers through a dedicated web portal.

Administrator (01:42)

As a Practice Administrator, you can create new users and adjust practice-level settings.

Evaluation List (02:01)

Evaluation List gives clinicians a secure and simple visualization of a patient's progress through the process of evaluation.

Evaluation Patient (03:00)

Evaluation Patient Profiles can be shared with your care team partners for easy collaboration on pre-implant visits.

Patient Surveys (03:22)

When patients have connected their Inspire app to your clinic, you can send them ESS Surveys or Symptom Surveys called Virtual Check-ins.

Therapy List (02:19)

The Therapy List displays patients with Inspire therapy. Providers can view attention icons and filter based on their patient management preferences.

Therapy Patient (03:58)

Therapy Patient Profiles display adherence data as well as therapy quality measures. Data from the Evaluation stage can also be found here.

SleepSync Platform and Inspire Cloud (02:35)

If your clinic uses Inspire Cloud, SleepSync will display data for all of your Inspire therapy patients, including patients that have USB remote data.

Clinician Uploads (01:44)

Clinicians can upload implant usage data in-clinic for patients who have a Bluetooth Inspire remote that isn't paired with a smartphone.

SleepSync Platform Resources

SleepSync Platform Clinician Guide

Information on what the user will find in the guide.

SleepSync Platform IT Guide

Information on what the user will find in the guide.

Inspire Cloud® Desktop Software

Inspire Cloud desktop software is installed on the clinician’s PC and is important for uploading physician programmer session records and USB Inspire Remote data. Once uploaded, this data can be accessed via the Inspire SleepSync platform.


USB Remote Uploads (:49)

Printing and Saving (:41)

Adding AHI (:50)

Adding ESS (:41)

Physician Programmer Uploads (1:23)

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