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Reimbursement support center

Inspire has an in-house team to assist with Inspire® therapy reimbursement needs.

Most US insurance providers cover Inspire therapy

Inspire Medical Systems provides resources to assist with coding, coverage, and reimbursement for Inspire therapy both pre-implant and post-implant.

Prior authorization support

Most sleep apnea patients who meet eligibility requirements for Inspire therapy have access to insurance coverage. The process to obtain prior authorization can be complex, and can be a barrier to patient access to therapy. Inspire is willing to collaborate with you to assist with this process to obtain prior authorization for Inspire therapy for suitable patients. For questions regarding prior authorization, please email the Inspire Prior Authorization team at [email protected].

Prior authorization coding

Reimbursement support

For questions or support with coding, billing, payer coverage, and denied claims, please email the Inspire Reimbursement team at [email protected].

Coding & billing guides