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Programmer demo

Introducing the latest version of Inspire® implant programmer software with simplified programming

Inspire implant programmer software

Inspire Implant Activation

Learn how to turn on Inspire and customize initial settings for the patient.


Sleep Study

Learn to make programming adjustments during a titration sleep study.


Modifying Stimulation: Pulse Width & Rate

Changing the pulse width and rate adjusts the shape of stimulation. These changes may improve patient comfort or implant efficacy.


Modifying Stimulation: Electrodes

Changing the electrodes adjusts the direction of the stimulation. These changes may improve implant efficacy or comfort.


Performing an Inspire Implant System Check

Learn how to use the system check to run diagnostic analysis and confirm Inspire implant is working appropriately.


The Inspire implant Procedure

Learn how to use the programmer to connect with the Inspire implant during the procedure to validate system hardware.